La Tour Eiffel

Clique sur la bonne r
1.  Which colour of paint is the official colour of the Eiffel Tower?

A.  noir  (black)          B.  brun  (brown)

2.  In which year was the Eiffel Tower completed?

A.  1889           B.  1989

3.  What was the first name of Monsieur Eiffel?
(He was the designer of the tower)

A.  Guillaume           B.  Gustave

4.  What is at the very top of the tower?

A.  An aerial for television and radio.         B.   A clock.

5.  How often is the tower painted?

A.  Every seven years.             B.  Every ten years

6.  Monsieur Eiffel also designed another famous building in America.  It is....
A.  The White House          B.  The Statue of Liberty

7.  The nickname of the tower is 'The Iron Lady.'  In French it is.....

A.  La Dame de Fer       B.  La Fille d' Or

 8.  How tall is the tower?

A.  324 metres         B.  545 metres

9.   The tower stands next to which river?

A.  Seine           B.  Loire

10.   The large green park where the tower stands is called.....

A.  Champ-de-Mars       B.  Le Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

11.   Approximately, how many tons of paint are needed to paint the tower?

A.  60                 B.  30

12.   What is the total weight of the tower?
A.  10,100 tons          B.  1,100 tons

13.  Why was the Eiffel Tower built?

A.  To celebrate the 100th anniversary of 'Bastille Day' and The French Revolution.

B.  To use as a lighthouse for boats on the River Seine.

14.  A new feature was added to the first floor of the tower in October 2014.  It is........

A.  A museum about the history of the tower.
B.  A floor made of glass.